Last weekend for “The Body Beautiful” Exhibit in Portland

When I heard that the British Museum was sending its copy of the Discus Thrower (a.k.a. Discobolus) to the Portland Art Museum, I wanted to cheer once again for Portland, land of Powell’s and a great place to visit.

The art exhibit overlaps the subject of my novel, THE DETOUR, set in 1938, about a curator who escorts the famous Greek statue to its new owner, Hitler, via northern Italian backroads.

If you live in Portland and have read The Detour, take advantage of this chance to see rare Greek art at close range. If you’ve already seen the exhibit, consider picking up the novel, a love story that also explains the cultural significance of Greek art to the Third Reich.

From the Portland Art Museum Website: Ending January 6, 2013

The Body Beautiful In Ancient Greece features more than 120 priceless objects from the British Museum’s famed collection of Greek and Roman art. Iconic marble and bronze sculptures, vessels, funerary objects, and jewelry are among the treasures that explore the human form, some dating back to the second millennium BC. The Portland Art Museum will be the first venue in the United States to present this exhibition. Make your plans now to see The Body Beautiful.

NEXT STOP FOR THE BODY BEAUTIFUL IN THE U.S.: Dallas Museum of Art, May 5-October 6, 2013. 



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