The Expert: A Novel-in-progress * Thanks Page

In the summer of 2012, in collaboration with USA Projects, I conducted a fundraising drive to support the ongoing research and writing of The Expert, my current novel-in-progress. My huge thanks to the following readers, colleagues, friends and family for supporting that effort, and for recognizing that the changing world of  publishing requires us to experiment with new methods to support reading and writing.



Aliza Sherman
Alyse Galvin
Amanda Coyne
Amy Houck
Andy Holleman
Anne Marie Moylan
Barbara Armstrong
Beth Rose and John Levy
Bill Sherwonit
Breawna Power Eaton
Brian Lax
Caitlin Shortell
Carol Bryner
Cassandra Stalzer
Cherilynn Romano
Constance Huff
Dale Gardner
Dani Haviland
David Abrams
Don Rearden
Doug Leteux
Ernestine Hayes
Gayle Brandeis
Heather Lende
Jennifer Ettelson
Judith Sara Gelt
Juliet Grames
Karen Benning
Karen Ferguson
Laura Forbes
Linda K
Linda M. Green
Lucia Zaczkowski
Mandy Moore
Marianne Cirone
Mike Finkel
Molly McCammon
Monica Devine
Morgan Grey
Nancy Lord
Olga Livshin
Pazit Cahlon
Rosemary Austin
Ruth Glenn
Sherrie Simmonds
Steven Quinn
Susanna Mishler
Thomas Pease
Wendy Hudson

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